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Thank you SO much for checking my review policy! I appreciate you taking the initiative to find out my reading preferences!

What you can expect from my reviews.

I use the term “review” very lightly. I don’t like to call myself a book reviewer, I prefer the term Book Blogger. I’m not interested in doing a critical analysis of a novel. A literary analysis sounds like work…. I read for enjoyment, for entertainment. The moment that my blog/reading starts feeling like “work” I have to admit, I probably won’t be doing it.

My reviews mostly consist of my thoughts and feelings about the novel read, as a result, my reviews are very subjective. If those are not the types of reviews you are looking for/prefer to have from a book blogger, this is probably not the place for you. There are book bloggers that do wonderful objective, analytic reviews, I advise you to seek them out!

My reviews are also honest, I will not compromise my integrity as a book blogger. I review almost every novel that I read, so please be aware that those sometimes include negative reviews. I don’t take pleasure in negating someone’s work, but as stated above my reviews will be my honest opinion. My reviews include cover art, a synopsis of the novel*, my personal thoughts about the book, a numbered rating and publication details. I also try to post my reviews on GoodReads and Amazon.


*All summaries/synopses are taken from,, the jacketflap, or the publisher’s website.

I am NOT currently accepting general review requests. Special consideration will be made for publishers and authors I’ve worked with before.

Review Request FAQ’s

Do you accept indie titles?

When they interest me, yes I do.

Do you accept ebooks?

Yes! My preferred method of receiving e-galleys is through NetGalley, where I am a listed Review Organization Accepting NetGalley Titles. But I accept other methods too. I prefer ePub!

I do not respond to each individual review request. I just don’t have the time, I apologize! I do try to check my junk/spam folders regularly to catch any emails that may be delivered there by mistake. I do not mind getting mass emails, I know that sending an individual email to each blogger can be time consuming.

Types of novels accepted.

The Story Siren is mainly a Young Adult literature blog. YA Genres that I prefer:

I do not usually accept:

I also accept literary fiction in the following genres:

I’ve recently started accepting PICTURE BOOKS

You can see a complete list of titles I’ve reviewed, here.

Series: I do not prefer to read a series out of sequence. If you have a review request that is part of a series I have not read, I do ask that you provide a copy of each of it’s predecessors. This will allow for a more effective review. At this time, I am more likely to accept a series, if it is the first or the second novel. Currently I am not inclined to start a series that has several (more than 2) titles previously published.

When I accept a novel to review:

It does not guarantee that the novel will be read, or that I will post a review.

Novels that I request personally will have precedence over all other titles. Second precedence will go to those novels that were accepted via a review request/pitch. Novels that are received unsolicitedly will mostly likely go on the back burner, it will depend on my reading schedule and interest, as to whether the title will be read and reviewed. If I have no interested in reading the title, it will be passed along to another blogger or donated.

How long will it take for a review: I try to read the review titles that I receive in a timely manner but I do have time constraints. If the book is an ARC, I will try to review the book in the month surrounding its release date, in most cases before the book is released or shortly after. I cannot currently promise a review by date.

Interviews/Guest Posts

I am happy to host authors for an interview or a guest post.

If you are interested in doing an author interview, I would like the option to request a copy of your novel be sent with ample time to read before the questions need to be submitted.

If I am not familiar with your work/with the authors work, I do require the option to read the title before I will agree to an interview or a guest post.  

I do not host freelance writers/articles on The Story Siren.


I’m happy to host a giveaway on The Story Siren. Email me and we can work out the details! 

Cover Reveals:

I often judge a book by a cover… I know I shouldn’t! But I just can’t help it! I love scouring the bookshelves and having that one book catch my eye!

This is one of the reasons that I love participating in Cover Reveals! I offer exclusive cover reveals or I can also be a part of a group reveal.

The only stipulation I have is that I can decline the reveal if I feel the cover may not be a good fit for my blog.

In addition, a brief interview can accompany the cover reveal if the author/publisher so desires.

Traffic Details:

As of Febrary 2012, this blog currently receives 57,000+ visitors a month, with 108,000+ page views a month, has an Alexa rank of 190.391 (among the highest of young adult book blogs), a Google Page Rank of 5 and a over 8000+ subscriptions in various feed readers. The top five visiting countries are the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Brazil and Australia.

There are over 2,o00 posts at The Story Siren with over 57,000 comments on those posts.

More Information about the Blog:

Sneaking my way into my favorite books! 

I’m quoted in these books:

(If you’ve noticed a The Story Siren quoted in a title not listed her, I probably don’t know, please email me for a heads up! Thanks in advance!)

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Disclosure: Almost all of the books I receive for review are provided by the publisher or the author. I do not accept/receive monetary compensation for my reviews.

I am currently an affiliate with IndieBound, Amazon, and Google. Any compensation acquired from these program would go back into maintaining the blog itself in the following ways, that include but are not limited to:

For more information about me personally click here.

Contact information:

Main Email: kristi(at)thestorysiren(dot)com

Secondary Email: storysiren1(at)gmail(dot)com


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