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Welcome to The Story Siren!! 

Thank you for your interest in learning either a little bit more about me, or a little bit more about this blog. You’re in the right place!

And if you’re looking for my email, I can be contacted at kristi (at) thestorysiren (dot) com

About the Blog:

The Story Siren was founded in late 2007. I didn’t really know what “blogging” was, but as an avid reader I thought it would be a great way to keep track of the books I was reading and share what I thought with other people… which I assumed would probably only be my mom.

The Story Siren features mainly Young Adult literature with a mixture of middle grade, picture books, and historical/contemp/paranormal romance. You’ll find Reviews, interviews, giveaways, book news, and anything else that strikes my fancy. Now that I’m a mom, I might have some mommy posts thrown in there too!

Since it’s initial start in 2007, The Story Siren has been mentioned in:

Now you know a little bit more about the blog and what you can expect. Let’s find out a little bit more about the person behind it all.

About Me:

teen KristiKristi as a Teen: 

As a teen, I was the quite girl who sat in the middle of the classroom. I wasn’t overly smart or popular. I was insecure and like most teen girls I had a low self-esteem. If I could go back in time and give myself one piece of advice, it would be “don’t be afraid to be who you are! the people that you are trying to impress won’t even be on your radar after high school is over!”

Things that teen Kristi loved to do:

I wish that I would have had the opportunity to read the wonderful Young Adult novels that I’ve been able to experience as an adult, when I was a teenager. I know that some of the YA novels I’ve read now, have helped heal those scars that were formed as a teen. I only hope that YA literature continues to have that impact on others!

Untitled-1Kristi Now: 

My name is Kristi, my online alias is Story Siren or The Story Siren. Contrary to popular belief I an NOT a Teen. I just feel like it most of the time.

My day job: orthodontic technician. Braces are fun!

What I do when I’m not reading:

I was married in June 2006 and live in a small town in Indiana with my husband our daughter and, Xander, our spoiled rotten rottweiler.

Beyond the Book Blog: 

In addition to sharing my love of reading YA fiction on my blog, I also try to reach out to my community and share my passion there as well.

Through my blog I was able to meet Christina B. a local teen who shares a love of reading and writing. Christina started writing reviews for The Story Siren in early 2012. You’ll occasionally see her take on YA novels on posts called “Reviews from a REAL Teen.”

I also donate books to a classroom library located in Warsaw, Indiana as well as the Jr. High/High School Library at Hamilton. (Shout out to@madamewells) I donate swag items to my local library.

Other places you can find me online:

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