True by Erin McCarthy

9781101623152_large_True111Release Date: May 7, 2013
Author Info: Website | Twitter | Facebook
Publisher: Penguin Publishing
Age Group: Young Adult+
Shelfability: Acquire
Pages: 238
Format: eGalley
Source: Publisher
Interest: Genre
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I had so much fun reading this one!

Rory’s roommates find out she’s still holding on to her “V” card. God forbid you be a college student and a VIRGIN! *gasp* But that’s a whole other issue! ANYWAY. They find out that she’s still a virgin so they pay this mutual friend they have, Tyler, to help her loose her virginity. He’s sort of a bad-a**. And I don’t mean “bad” as in he’s a jerk, because he’s not but he just has that “I’m a really cool dude” vibe. Plus he has tattoos, so that’s another check on that list.

As you know, bad boys cannot resist innocent virgin girls. I making this book sound really cliche for some reason, and it’s really not! Regardless of how the faux-relationship started, it moves way beyond that.

One thing that surprised me right away was the beginning. We have Rory and her two roommates at this apartment. Rory is out in the living room with this guy, who she really has no interest in but she wants him to kiss her anyway. Her roommates are back in the bedrooms doing the deed with a couple guys. One of them which happens to be Tyler. That kind of threw me off. I was like wait… didn’t the summary say that Tyler was the one pursuing Rory? Hmmmm, that’s a first. Maybe I’m a prude but that was just weird. I must have gotten over it though, because I really liked the dynamic to their relationship. They both have some issues, Tyler more so than Rory, but it works for them.

The ending was way to rushed for my tastes. I felt like there was this big build up and then, wait for it, the end. I can look past that since there is going to be, what I assume is, a companion novel.

This would be a perfect read for this summer. Take a relaxing day at the beach and bring Tyler and Rory along. You won’t be disappointed.