In My Mailbox (213)

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My mailbox must have been feeling a little lonely after last week, because it exploded this week! Wow! Haven’t heard of a few of these titles!




The Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Robin Palmer
This Side of Jealousy by Lili Peloquin
Lessons in French by Hilary Reyl
Sylo by D.J. MacHal
Proxy by Alex London
Tarnish by Katherine Longshore
Belladonna by Fiona Paul
Star Cursed by Jessica Spotswood
Ashes on the Waves by Mary Lindsey
Phoenix by Elizabeth Richards
Escape Theory by Margaux Froley
If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch
Another Little Piece by Kate Karyus Quinn
In the After by Demitria Lunetta
Winterveil by Jenna Burtenshaw
Unnatural Creatures by Neil Gaiman
Light by Michael Grant
Belle Epoque by Elizabeth Ross
Doll Bones by Holly Black