Drake Chronicles Scavenger Hunt

FYI…. Might not want to read this summary as it’s the last in the series, if you haven’t read the series yet. :)

In the thrilling conclusion of the Drake Chronicles, love and loyalties will be tested … and proven once and for all.

Solange Drake has been officially crowned Queen of the Vampires, fulfilling the centuries old prophecy that foretold the rise to power of a daughter born to an ancient vampire line. Except Solange’s thoughts and actions are no longer her own—she’s been slowly being possessed by the spirit of Viola, the first daughter born into the Drake line, since her bloodchange. And instead of uniting the vampire tribes under the rule of an ancient daughter as the prophecy predicted, Viola would rather destroy them all and enslave humans in a personal vendetta for the devastation both wrought to her life centuries ago. Can Solange break her hold in time to save everyone she loves from a vampire civil war, hunter attack, and each other? Not everyone will survive the prophecy . . . perhaps not even her.

Woot Woot! I’m so glad to be apart of the Drake Chronicles Scavenger Hunt! I absolutely LOVE this series and the characters. I think you will too! If you haven’t read this series, I definitely recommend it!

There’s plenty of hunting going on in the Drake Chronicles by Alyxandra Harvey! Humans, Hounds, Vampires…

And with the last book in the series, Blood Prophecy, coming out Alyx & Co. thought they’d let you do some hunting of your own. In fact these past two weeks you might have seen some quote cards flying around. Have you been collecting them?

If not, you still have time to collect the ones already out. Then come back here and the other 4 blogs to collect the last cards remaining. We have exclusive content from the characters in the series just for you! In the letters or poems or journals from these characters you’ll find links to the rest of the quote cards. Collect the cards we’ve already posted, the ones hidden in the letters and email them to Alyx at alyxandraharvey (at) yahoo. ca to be entered to win a Kindle Fire.

Confused? Want to play? Check out the details on Alyx’s website!

Alyxandra is also giving away a set of signed books and other goodies.

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  • Contest for Kindle Fire ends Monday Dec 10th.
  • For the set of books it ends Dec 17th

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Today I’m excited to share with all of you Nicholas/Lucy fans a letter from Nicholas to Lucy. *awww* Enjoy and good luck finding all the quote cards!


I hope you never read this letter.

The world is a glass cup being dropped onto a floor of hard tiles. It is breaking into pieces, each more jagged than the last, and you’re barefoot and I know you’ll cut yourself bloody trying to fit those pieces back together again. I would do anything to save you, even from yourself.
The Drakes are a fire, Lucy, and fire can warm you on a cold winter night or it can burn you clear through.

And I won’t be a weapon used against you. I love you too much for that, and you love us too much to see the danger. And what’s the use of living forever if you’re not a part of forever? Better to have faded away entirely on my sixteenth birthday than to live a day, a year, a hundred, without you in the world. I don’t miss the sun because you’ve always been brighter.

The glass cup has already slipped from our grasp. We all know it, even without prophecies and Isabeau’s omens. And there isn’t enough magic in the world to stop gravity.

The best we can do is find a soft place to land. I will always be that for you. I know you hate it, but you are more fragile than you know. You are like that cup, all prisms and light.

We have plans and you’ll be furious that you weren’t included but I don’t know what else to do. If Solange doesn’t get better, we will have very few options left to us. I’ve talked to Kieran, and yes, I know that will infuriate you too. I can already hear you threatening to break my nose again. But I’ll do what I have to, and I’m not sorry for it.

Know this, Lucy, if it becomes impossible for me to say it out loud: I love you. I will always be your shield and your bridge and your soft place to land.

I will always love you.