Skylark by Meagan Spooner

Release Date: August 1, 2012
Author Info: Website | Twitter | Facebook
Publisher: Carolrhoda Lab
Age Group: Young Adult
Shelfability: Acquire
Pages: 344
Format: Hardcover
Source: Author
Interest: Debut
Challenge: Debut Author Challenge

Lark lives in a pretty crazy world. Apparently to sustain the energy needed to run this world they harvest children. Creepy right? Each person contains some magic and there is a ceremony where a group of children are chosen to be harvested. It’s an honor to be chosen. After you’re harvested you get to join the world of adults and be assigned a job. (Doesn’t sound all that much fun to me!) Lark is reaching the ripe old age of 16 and yet she still hasn’t been chosen to be harvested. She’s starting to get a complex.

She’s devastated when she discovers that she didn’t make the list once again. Then mysteriously she is chosen.

And being harvested isn’t exactly what it’s cracked up to be and Lark ends up escaping with barely her life in tact. She’s on a journey to discover what she is and find the Iron Woods.

I’ve got to admit I was a little confused at the beginning of this book. But I find that happening to me frequently when I’m reading about a new world, so I try not to get detoured by that. I had some ups and downs the first half of the novel. Once Lark gets chosen and in the process of the harvesting, there was some crazy things going on. Then once she escapes, I got a bit disinterested. I was still a little confused at the pockets of magic and what exactly was going on. Also, Lark was alone, so it got a bit tedious for me. Thankfully Nix and then not long after that Oren show up. I was back in the game at this point and it kept going till the end.

I loved Lark and Oren. And I totally did not see that “thing” coming. You’ll know what I’m talking about. Totally threw me for a freaggin loop there. I was so distracted by this crazy world and Lark trying to navigate everything around her that I was totally blindsided.

I liked the world building, but I would have liked to know more of the “why” of it all. What was the war exactly and why did happen? Maybe we’ll find the answers to that later on in other installments of the series?

Even though I had initial reservations, I ended up devouring this book. The writing was superb, the characters were complex and well thought out and the story was just so intense! I am ready for more. I really want to meet Basil. This MUST happen! Sci-fi, fantasy, maybe a little dystopian elements thrown in there and some magic, Skylark has it all.