Fierce Reads Recap!

Last Friday (the 15th!) I was able to attend the Fierce Reads tour at Schuler Books and Music! Shculer always has such fabulous events! They have an awesome YA section, compliments of their resident YA reader Krys who also blogs at Bibliopunkk. And Whitney their event coordinator is fabulous! If you have a chance to attend their events, you should!

I drove up to Lansing early to do a little shopping. Got a couple father’s day cards! Christina and her Grandma were able to make the trip too! This was Christina’s first event, so I was so excited to be able to share this experience with her. She’ll be stopping by the blog later to tell you all about it from her point of view. We met at Schuler before the book signing to do a little shopping. We bought way to many books. We both picked up some Richelle Mead signed books from an event earlier in the week.

There were four authors at this Fierce Reads tour stop:

Thanks to the fabulous people at Macmillan, Christina and I were able to meet with the authors before the signing. Christina has read all of their books so she had some questions for them. She was really nervous about meeting the authors and talking to them, but she did an AWESOME job! She asked some really great questions and even some spoilers that were sworn into secrecy about! I of course forgot my camera. I had my phone so I did get a few, but luckily Christina’s grandma brought hers and she took some during the meet and greet!

After the meet and greet, Christina and I headed out to the signing area. The first thing they did was show all of the book trailers for each book and then the author talked about their book. I’ve never been to an event where they had the trailers, it was really neat!

They did a q&a with the audience as well. Let me tell you, these ladies are HILARIOUS! All of them! One reader asked about writers block. Anna Banks went on to say that she didn’t call it writers block, but called it writers constipation because at least a little bit comes out. And yes, it might be crap, but there is a little bit and you just keep writing that crap! The entire audience was overcome with laughter after that! There were so truthful and personal with their answers. Leigh Bardugo was in tears at one point. Sharing how she had given up completely at one point. (And now she is a NYT best selling author!) They are all so very inspiring and talented.

Jennifer Bosworth also did tarot readings for people that bought her book, since she ran out of swag. I ended up with the Five of Cups card, which is eerily accurate for my life right now.

I was able to buy and get all of the authors books signed. And I also got the books for my Fierce Reads winner signed and personalized! I ran into a few of my favorite bloggers! DJ & Erika! I just love them! And I got to meet Vi from Confessions of a Vi3tBabe for the first time! It was so great meeting her since we talk frequently online! She is AMAZING! This woman is going to school, has two young girls and she blogs! I seriously don’t know how she does it! She is as sweet in person as she is online!

Such a fabulous event!