Five Random Things on a Friday

1. In less than a month and a half I’ll be hitting the Big Apple and attending Book Expo America. I’m really excited… yet at the same time I am FREAKING out. This week, I did find out that at least one of my roomates is not a serial killer, that is always good news in my book.

2. I’ll be doing a follow-up post to “Show Me The Cover: AKA Can I Post That.” I wanted to know if it was “okay” to copy and paste images out of an online publisher catalog. The general consensus from those that commented was that no one really knew for sure. So I tried to find out. I will be sharing my findings next week.

3. If you’re a blogger. New or Seasoned. You should check out this post as Presenting Lenore: Book Bloggers Behaving Badly: Are YOU on an Author’s “Hate List”? These posts scare me. I’m already super paranoid that there really is an author hate list and that I am on it. Granted I’ve never had a bad experience with an author, but I just wonder (a lot) of what their perception is of me and my blog.

4. Remember when I had that call-out for people looking for a blog mentor? Well I wanted you to know that I haven’t forgot about it! I had someone ask me about it the other day and I realized I hadn’t mentioned it. I am still going through the submissions. I actually have it down to 20 possible blogs at the moment. I do appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm and I wish I could mentor you all! I do currently have a blog mentee. I signed up with Lenore and her International Book Blog Mentor Program. I have the privilege of mentoring the lovely Shweta of Book Journal! Although I’m not sure what she needs me for, the girl is brilliant and writes lovely reviews! I know she won’t admit it, but I am probably the worst mentor! Poor thing has to put up with me!

5. Kay Cassidyis having her launch party next Saturday, April 17 at 2:00. I am pretty sure I will be attending, even though that is a very special day for me… :) You can find all the official information on her events page. Is anyone planning on going?