Simmer Down

Simmer Down by Jessica Conant-Park and Susan Conant

Released: March 2008
Publisher: Penguin Group
Age Group: Adult
Pages: 276

Chloe is more than excited for her chef boyfriend Josh Driscoll and the opening of Simmer. Josh will be the executive chef for Simmer so he has a lot on his plate! Thankfully, Chloe is there to be his wonderful supportive girlfriend. Chloe is busy with her own job at the Boston Organization Against Sexual and Other Harassment at the Workplace, which she calls the Organization and dealing with her quirky boss Naomi Campbell (no not that one!)

Chloe was lucky enough to book Simmer and the Organization at a posh charity fund raiser called Food for Thought. Everyone loves Josh’s food samples and the event and even the Organization is getting the word out. That is until a body is found. I mean a dead body, belonging to none other than a wealthy club owner that had wanted his own hands in the future site of Simmer, but had been cut off by Josh’s boss.

Now Chloe not only has to deal with lost time with Josh due to his busy schedule at Simmer, but now she has a mystery to solve and a list of suspects a mile long!

First off I think I need to declare that I am a lover of chick-lit! If you aren’t, I probably wouldn’t recommend reading this book. I on the other hand really enjoyed it. It was an entertaining and relaxing read. The writing is witty and quirky! I also enjoyed the smaller element of the story such as Chloe’s deranged family, Ken the hermit crab, and of course the appearance of the ex’s! My only complaint was that reading this book caused increased hunger pangs! I will definitely be trying out some of the recipes. I would really like to read the first book in the series Steamed and I am looking forward to reading the next book Turn up the Heat!

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