Bloodfever by Karen Marie Moning

Mac is still on the lookout for the Sinsar Dubh. She has come to terms with her sidhe-seers ability and is trying to embrace the fact that her life will never be normal again. Dublin’s streets are more infested with the Unseelie than ever before, it seems that the Lord Master has been busy. Mac still isn’t sure who she can trust. Jericho Barrons continues to protect her, but he won’t give her a straight answer to anything. V’Lane the Seelie Prince, seems trustworthy, but there is his one lacking quality of being a Fae. Then there is a new introduction. The old woman that saved Mac her first night in Ireland, seems to be the leader of a clan of sidhe-seers, but Mac doesn’t entirely agree with their methods, so she is back to what she knows, Jericho Barrons. They don’t seem to be getting any closer to discovering the whereabouts of the Sinsar Dubh and matters don’t improve when Mac is captured. Her captor plans to torture her to death, and Barrons has no way of rescuing her this time.

What an captivating sequel! I have to agree with Mollie on this, I like Bloodfever better too! There are so many questions that I still have unanswered, I can’t wait to read the next one. We finally get a little glimpse into Jericho, but it could be anything. New key players are developed and some are lost for good, well maybe. This book kept me on the edge of my seat, and threw me for a loop when I thought I had everything figured out. If you are a fantasy fan, I really do recommend this series. As I mentioned before with Darkfever this is an adult series, but I think an older/mature YA reader, will immensely enjoy it. The next book in the series is Faefever is due to be released Sept. 30th.