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Thirteen Reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

What an unbelievable book. If you haven’t read it, you should. If your thinking about reading it do it now.

I don’t know about you, but I love getting stuff in the mail, especially getting packages. Well so does the main character of this story, Clay. But Clay would rather have not received this package.

Hannah Baker. Clay has had a crush on Hannah forever, but he never had the guts to really tell her. Now he never will. Hannah committed suicide. But before Hannah killed herself she left something behind. Seven cassette tapes. Seven tapes that tell the story of the thirteen people that caused Hannah to feel that she had no where to turn.

Each person has a story within the tapes and it is your responsibility after you listen to the tapes to pass it onto the next person. But what did Clay do? How could he be one of the people responsible for her suicide, he will have to listen to the tapes to find out.

This is one of the most compelling books I’ve ever read. It is right up there with Picoult’s Nineteen Minutes. This is definitely one of those books that makes you look at the way you treat people and how fragile we are as humans. I cried, I laughed, I felt.

Suicide is the third leading cause of death in people ranging in the ages 15-24. If you know someone who has talked about committing suicide, please don’t take it lightly. You might be the one person they are reaching out to.


Book Review


Austenland by Shannon Hale

Jane Hayes is obsessed with Mr. Darcy. More particularly Colin Firth’s portrayal of Mr. Darcy in the film version of Pride and Prejudice. Can you blame her? Really? But, it might have something to do with why the thirty-three yeah old Jane is still unmarried and single. Her obsession for Mr. Darcy keeps any “real” man from measuring up.

Jane’s Aunt Carolyn is aware of her obsession. When Aunt Carolyn passes away she leaves Jane an all expense paid vacation to Pembrook Park, a resort that lets its guests live like the characters of an Austen novel. Jane has decided to use the vacation as the milestone. Once she has had her fun she will put Mr. Darcy behind herself, forever.

Being myself, slightly obsessed with Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, I couldn’t help but be sympathetic for Jane. And I love the idea of Pembrook Park. How much fun would that be! As far as the story I really enjoyed it! It is a bit of a romance, but that made me enjoy it all the more! This was the first novel by Shannon Hale that I have read, and I really value her writing style. I will be reading more from this author, and I must buy a copy of this book, I am sure I will be reading it again!


Book Review

Fourth Comings

Fourth Comings by Megan McCafferty

In Fourth Comings the fourth book in the Jessica Darling series, we rejoin Jessica when it seems like she finally has everything she has been working so hard to attain. She is graduated with her psychology degree, is living with her best friend Hope and she is writing. The one thing she loves the most, well besides Marcus.

Marcus on the other hand it just starting his freshman year at Princeton and Jessica is not looking forward to being the girlfriend of a college freshman. Which leads her to the conclusion that she should break off the on/off relationship for good. Needless to say, Marcus has other ideas and asks Jessica to marry him.

The book itself is a notebook that Jessica is writing to Marcus in the week she is deciding whether or not to accept his proposal. Although it was apparent to me from the beginning what her answer would be.

I was really disappointed with this book. I’ve been a fan of Jessica since book one, but this story was overall lacking. There was a line in the book that Jessica says and I quote “WHAT THE HELL AM I EVEN RAMBLING ABOUT!” To me that sums up the entire book. It was entirely random rambling! And the ending was a total let down, yet to end it any other way would have been too far fetched. The story just seemed incomplete there was just no, what is the word I’m looking for here, cohesion! Complete lack of substance.

Now please don’t let this keep you from reading a great series. I loved and thoroughly enjoyed Sloppy Firsts and Second Helpings. They are the books that made me fall in love with this series! If there is another bookin this series, you bet I will be reading it and I only hope it can redeem my faith!

On another note this book is more for an older young adult audience. I’ve seen it suggested to be a crossover title to Adult Fiction and I have to say that I agree, this book is definitely for a mature audience.


Book Review

How to Hook a Hottie

How to Hook a Hottie by Tina Ferraro

This is my first exposure to the writings of Tina Ferraro, but I can assure you that it will not be my last!

Kate isn’t exactly your normal high school senior. While it seems like the norm these days is college after high school, Kate has different plans. Kate is all business, her one and only ambition is to be a millionaire by the age of twenty. She has an ongoing deal with her parents. If Kate can raise five thousand dollars by her graduation and maintain her straight A report card, they will hand over everything they have invested in Kate’s college savings account. But, graduation is looming nearer and unfortunately Kate still doesn’t have all of her five grand.

Then to Kate’s surprise, as well as the whole student population, baseball superstar and bonafide hottie, Brandon Callister asks Kate to be his date for the sports banquet. Fortunately for Kate everyone wants her strategy for hooking their own hotties and are willing to pay! Too bad Kate has no idea what she is doing.

Tina Ferraro managed to “reel” me right into this story! Kate is one of those characters that is so much more than she seems. She totally surprised me in the end! I’m looking forward to reading more of Ferraro’s books. Hopefully I’ll soon be getting my hands on her previous novel Top Ten Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress, and of course the up coming 2009 release ABC’s of Kissing Boys!


Book Review

Life As We Knew It

Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer

Life As We Knew It is told in diary entries of the main character Miranda. Miranda lives like we do, in a society of cell phones, internet, satellite tv, grocery stores and gas stations. But suddenly her life takes a major change.

You see there was a meteor that was scheduled to hit the moon. No big deal though, if you’ve ever seen the moon, you can see all the damage from meteors and asteroids right on the surface. Well it just so happens that this particular meteor. was a lot more dense then the astronomers initially thought so it knocks the moon closer to orbit, wham there it is! Well if you paid attention in science class, you might remember what exactly the moon does to our little planes. It controls the tides in the ocean with its gravitational pull. Or for you movie buffs remember that movie Bruce Almighty where Jim Carey is God, and he pulls the moon closer, you remember what happened right? Tsunami’s, major tsunamis’ all over the world, wiping out costal cities killing millions. And that’s just the beginning.

After the Tsunami’s there are earthquakes and massive volcanic eruptions from the moons constant pull. The entire sky is covered in a gray haze from the ash, effecting the climate, and killing crops.

Miranda’s story chronicles the constant struggle of her day to day life trying to survive in a world that may not have a future. Suddenly keeping warm and having enough to eat become a priority for every day. This story is not only a coming of age tale, but also a story of survival.

This is one of those novels that stays with you. You don’t realize how easy we have it. I know I can’t leave home without my cell phone now a days, yet years ago they didn’t even exist. But it isn’t only the technology we take for granted, it is also the simple things, like having a grocery story and being able to wash your hair. This story reminded me a lot of Anne Frank’s diary, even though the stories are totally different, the message is the same.

I’m looking forward to reading The Dead and the Gone, which is a companion the Life as We Knew It and examines the same events but is set in New York City. It is due to be released June 1, 2008.

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